Monday, 30 May 2011

Carys Davies

Carys Davies is the studio manager for Edmund de Waal.  This should be praise enough but her work transcends this role.  She was an engineer in her earlier life and made a conscious decision to follow another path.  She talks about Manorbier Beach on her website, and as this is an area where i grew up ... in fact i was there very recently ... i feel i really understand her love of the beach ... the smells, sounds, and treasures that you find.

writing and stacking

Friday, 27 May 2011

colourful ceramics

I love these colourful cups and bowls from Samantha Robinson from Australia.  As is probably obvious from my blog ceramics is one of my passions and i find it very difficult to walk past a little treasure such as these.  I always use everything i buy ... that is surely the pleasure of owning something ... and i would love to own a few of these.  I am not sure if she sells her work in the UK ... a little bit of research is needed!


Thursday, 26 May 2011

Pam McFayden

A lovely little tutorial from Pam McFayden on how to make a ceramic clock.  Now all i need is the kiln and a workshop!!  There are also some images of her completed clocks which you can find on her Etsy shop.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Recently i have spent many happy hours walking round golf courses as a spectator.  these are some of the crazy signs i have come across.

I am so glad i am not actually playing golf!!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Unit Twelve : Paper exhibition

jennifer collier

Unit Twelve is an artists workshop/exhibition space run by Jennifer Collier near Stafford.  I saw a delightful exhibition at Unit 12 this weekend.  It is a collection of work by various artists based on paper and it was really wonderful.  The works on display highlighted not only the fragility of paper but also it strength and versatility.

Helen Roberts - embroidered letters

Rebecca Coles

Phiona Richards - pearls of wisdom
(see Rare Notions post)

Priscilla Jones - Teapot

Susan Cutts

Jane Ponsford

Clare Hillerby

Unit 12 is a converted barn and is like a little treasure house.  As well as the exhibition and Jennifer's work there are other artists working in the barn and a workshop space.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Rare Notions

Phiona Richards is a book artist who I first became aware of a few years ago when i saw her work at the Manchester Book Art Fair.  In fact, i bought a little hardback book from her which she had chopped down but had the wonderful title of 'The Perfect Woman'!  I love working with paper and Phiona creates some beautiful pieces of work ... both book sculptures and jewellery.

paper and crochet

paper, crochet, handmade box

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Dionne Sievewright

cow parsley and two cups

Dionne Sievewright is an artist who creates wonderfully evocative paintings which have a really dreamy quality to them.

my little jug

On her website she states:

Using watercolour and pencil sketches obtained from field trips as reference, Dionne returns to her studio where she uses a mixture of media to create paintings that capture the mood and seasonal flavours of the environment. Memory and imagination play a major part in the creative process, in which composition, texture, light and tone are key factors. It's about playing with the shapes, patterns and forms until the composition is just right. Layers of paint are then applied, rubbed and scratched away, creating textural qualities associated with the landscape.

glowing fields

These images were found at the Wren Gallery

Monday, 16 May 2011


Cerith Wyn Evans chandelier at Tate Britain flashing out literature in morse code .. a language which is now defunct within the British military.  Sublime ....

Sunday, 15 May 2011


Of course I couldn't go into Anthropologie without treating myself.  After much deliberation this was what I walked out with...

Now my only dilemma is what to use it for ... cupcakes ... biscuits ... chocolates?
I also bought this little book.  I already own a book by Agnes Jekyll bought for me many years ago by a friend and published by Persephone Books.  She really was the 'Nigella' of her age and provides an insight into the lives of the privileged class of the day, and what they ate!!

anthropologie displays

Popped down to London this week and Anthropologie was a treat!!  They were advertising for a display artist at their Regent Street Store.  If only .... !

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Jenny Dunlop

Jeny Dunlop's work really makes me smile.  It is a mix of paint, fabric and stitch and not only are the colours bright and breezy but her little characters have a real sense of glee about them.  I have just realised that she does not live a million miles away from me ... so i am determined to try and catch up with some of her work at her next exhibition.

On her website she states:

In my childhood you could always find me cutting, glueing and sewing things back together. I have an Honours Degree in Textile and Fashion Design (more cutting, glueing and sewing!)
I'm originally from Northern Ireland and spent my youth travelling to far off places being inspired by various cultures, wildlife and COLOUR!

I think her love of colour is very evident and her sense of fun!

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