Tuesday, 28 June 2011

More from MMU degree 2011

3d delights

ceramic unglazed and acrylic paint

paper clay utensils

stitch and ceramics
Leah Fletcher

louise wilson

lucy harding


I wish you could smell these ....

Playing with my new iphone photo app - magic hour....

Sunday, 19 June 2011

MMU foundation show 2011

As ever ... a wonderful eclectic mix of work .....

bicycle handles
Rhiannon Leedam

Lucy Petts

Hannah Blackwater

Rebecca Cartwright

William De Costa

Natalie Collins

Jessica Beardsmore

Stephanie Coathupe

Charlotte Yates

Ruth Daniels

Jack Friswell

I went to Wimbledon Art School degree show last week.  I was  looking forward to seeing Jack's work and it was an absolute delight.  He showed a film, a handmade book and some prints.  

A happy moment for a proud mother!  It was first class!

Thursday, 16 June 2011


I came across Clare last year when she graduated from MMU on the BA Design course. Her work is colourful, exuberant, intriguing and original.  Her work is large panels of abstract drawings made from heated extruded EVA.  When hung they initially appear delicate with lovely cast shadows ... but as you get closer you can see the quality of the EVA and its inherent strength.

She currently has an exhibition at Manchester Craft Centre based on the Mexican tradition of celebrating the dead.  Their website states:

Clare Knox-Bentham is fascinated with the Mexican tradition of celebrating the dead. Each large-scale plastic drawing she creates celebrates someones life, as is done during the El Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead festival.
The new installation at Manchester Craft and Design Centre is full of these drawings, with each individual drawing linking together, completing stories and developing tales.
Clare uses the industrial process of heat-extruding liquid Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate to hand draw her works. The large glue-gun like extrusion tool heats EVA plastic to a very high temperature and allows it to flow through a nozzle, which she can then control and draw with. The method forces the artist to draw with a continual line, creating the unique style of the work.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Glyndwr 2011 part 2

These photos are from the 3d students at this year's degree show.  I particularly enjoyed Elle Plummer's typography inspired jewellery and Lesley Miller's layered 3d glass drawings.

Elle Plummer

Lesley Miller

Frances Louise

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