Saturday, 21 May 2011

Unit Twelve : Paper exhibition

jennifer collier

Unit Twelve is an artists workshop/exhibition space run by Jennifer Collier near Stafford.  I saw a delightful exhibition at Unit 12 this weekend.  It is a collection of work by various artists based on paper and it was really wonderful.  The works on display highlighted not only the fragility of paper but also it strength and versatility.

Helen Roberts - embroidered letters

Rebecca Coles

Phiona Richards - pearls of wisdom
(see Rare Notions post)

Priscilla Jones - Teapot

Susan Cutts

Jane Ponsford

Clare Hillerby

Unit 12 is a converted barn and is like a little treasure house.  As well as the exhibition and Jennifer's work there are other artists working in the barn and a workshop space.

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