Sunday, 24 July 2011

Maria Walker

Maria Walker is a mixed media artist and a very good friend of mine. She is having an exhibition at the Brindley Art Centre in September ... the details are below. 

"The Lightfoot Letters are remarkable historical documents which provide a detailed portrait of working class life in Widnes in 1923. Artist Maria Walker bought the letters in an antique shop, was enthralled by them and created a body of artwork around them. When she later met poet Angela Topping, and a collaboration was begun, she was not to know that Angela was the daughter of one of the letter writers, Peter Lightfoot. The exhibition explores the letters through a range of different textile art and poetry , to create an amazing fusion of ideas."

Exhibition runs from the 13th August to the 17th September 2011 at the Brindley , High St, Runcorn, Cheshire WA7 1BG.
0151 907 8360
Facebook: the brindley arts centre

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Stay Just A Little- Kina Grannis Original

I have just spent the past 48 hours in a migraine induced fog ... but as the mist cleared i sat and played with some paper and listened to Kina.  She has been a long time favourite and i love to listen to her when the house is empty .. the sun is shining ... and she helps you float away.   She is performing in London later this year but unfortunately they are all sold out.  Perhaps next time she will come to Manchester.   Definitely worth a listen.

Monday, 11 July 2011

priscilla jones workshop

priscilla jones
I spent many contented hours on a priscilla jones 3d workshop back in May at Unit Twelve.  I have met priscilla a few times before ... she is a very talented artist and a generous teacher.  She is always very clear in her teaching style. She is obviously very driven in her life as an artist and also used to run a gallery in Lancaster.  I made a cup, saucer and teaspoon ... pictures below show the work in progress as i still have some handstitch to complete.  

step 1 (24)

steps 2 and 3

almost finished ...

Other student's work:

priscilla's sample box

Washing lines

Sardinian washing lines..... only the Italians could make something so mundane look wonderful ....

Sardinian alleyways

I spent a few days in Sardinia last week.  we had electric thunderstorms, lots of wind but mainly blue, blue skies and lots of sun.  Cagliari is full of alleyways ...

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