Tuesday, 27 March 2012


070307 (detail) 2007

I was given the book "Vitamin D' for Christmas and am only now sitting down to start absorbing it.  One artist whose work I love is in the book - Frances Richardson.  In a statement on the Contemporary Art Society she talks about her work :

Making a mark is a gestural act that for me scores the intangible physical reality of being in a moment and the suspension and presentation of this moment to the viewer. 

An Instant (detail) 2006

She works with + and - creating undulating, gestural yet sensitive marks on the paper.

Paradise Lost 2002

Saturday, 3 March 2012

What I want as I move into March ...

My new Anthropologie catalogue dropped through my letterbox this week and re-ignited a need to go shopping!  I am so busy at University these days I seem to have forgotten how to daydream .........

happ and stahns solid perfume
Astrid garden chair

Serpentine bottle vase

painted tulip wallpaper

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