Sunday, 13 November 2011

Grayson Perry

I went to London this week to do some research for a project that i am undertaking at university.  I went to the Foundling Museum, Wellcome Collection and finally the Grayson Perry exhibition at the British Museum.  

I was amazed at the complexity and variety of his work.  This is a interesting, intelligent, amazingly crafted and thoughtful exhibition. I particularly liked his tapestry which filled the entire wall of one room.  The complexity of colour, drawing and design was incredible.  I also really appreciated his iron sculptures, especially the boat to float away into death on which contained items and objects that he wanted to take with him.  Harking back to age old burial rites. His attention to detail is wonderful.  Equally wonderful were the artefacts that he had selected from the British Museum's collection.   Obviously the whole exhibition is like a homage to Alan Measles.  

I was left pondering when I was listening to the radio about the queues to see the da Vinci show at the National Gallery, and feel that Grayson Perry is a contemporary artist that will stand the test of time and people will still be appreciating his work hundreds of years in the future. 

Tulip Farm

This is the National Geographic photo of the day.  It is a tulip farm in Tasmania.
I have visited Tasmania and thought it was one of the most beautiful places i have had the pleasure of travelling to in the world.

'Aerial view from a helicopter of the tulip field at the Table Cape Tulip Farm on Table Cape, near Wynyard, on the North West Coast of Tasmania. It was Blooming Tulips Festival Day at Wynyard and fortunately for me and my six-year-old grandson, the helicopter operator was selling 15 minute joy-flights. On the left-hand end of the rows of tulips you can see some of the visitors to the farm's open day'
This reminds me of colour thread wrapping,

Kirsteen Aubrey

Kirsteen Aubrey is a glass artist based in Manchester who has an exhibition in the MMU Special Collections Library at the moment.  This is open to the public ... so not limited to university students and staff.


Thursday, 3 November 2011

exploring colour

I have been working on some thread wraps and exploring colour over the past few weeks.  It is in an interesting exercise and really focusses the mind!

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